2017 Collection

Web Design Investigations

Right, to start this whole shebang; I had to first scour the internet what I thought were nice websites and what were awful ones and here the websites I looked through:

-Disclaimer: Any emotional/aestehtic scarring from clicking the bad links is not my responsibility.-


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2017 Collection

Cereal Investigations

To tackle this new investigations; I decided to go out there and look at a variety of cereals; seeing which designs were good and which designs could use some improvements.

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2016 Collection · Elements of Design

Design, Design, Design


Here is the second version of my contrast design, the first being the same design, but, in  a white font. I have changed the color from white to yellow as yellow creates for a more interesting aesthetics as well as being more friendlier to the eyes.

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2016 Collection · Elements of Design

Elements List


Below, you will see a list of elements used in design and anything in bold and italics will be my chosen ones for design. (Souce: https://www.johnlovett.com/test.htm)

  • Line
  • Colour
  • Texture
  • Shape
  • Space
  • Value
  • Harmony/Unity
  • Balance
  • Hierarchy
  • Direction
  • Density
  • Gravity
  • Contrast

Afterwards, I started brainstorming for ideas and looking through different real-life locations for some inspirations such as my home, the university center and a local park.

2016 Collection · Design Material

Monsoon and Accessorize

Despite wanting to do Monsoon, I decided to do first hand research on both stores as they are owned by the same name and i thought that there may be design similarities I could incorporate on my later product to make it look part of the house style more.

And so, I decided to the local Monsoon and Accessorize on a Friday.

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2016 Collection · Design Techniques

Designing was slow

Further on, I really liked the silhouette I made and the branches Idea and decided to stick to it. However, i decided against the red background as it didn’t suit the colours I chose for it which was black and blue. The black and blue are prominent in my design. I used it as a house style as well as the idea of silhouettes.

2016 Collection · Design Techniques · Digital Techniques


As I ventured into designing, my first ideas was to use a painted antagonist from Pan’s labyrinth’s to create contrats of silhuettes. I painted this:


which was the pale man in the movie. It was a long process as creating the skin-like tone took forever to make and re-make each painting session.

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