2016 Collection · Design Techniques

Designing was slow

Further on, I really liked the silhouette I made and the branches Idea and decided to stick to it. However, i decided against the red background as it didn’t suit the colours I chose for it which was black and blue. The black and blue are prominent in my design. I used it as a house style as well as the idea of silhouettes.

2016 Collection · Design Techniques

Guillermo Del Toro

So, Who is Del Toro?

Guillermo Del Toro Gómez  is a Mexican film director who has created a variety of movies which are well-known in popular fiction and general cinematography due to its popularity, awards and plot. In addition to being a film director, he is also a screen writer, producer, and novelist. Born on October 9 1964; he featured his first film around 1993 and is still currently in the business.

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2016 Collection · Design Techniques

Of Films and Festivals

Miss Kemp has published the assignment for the Design Techniques section and it states that we must “produce a poster and programme for the event, as well as an additional poster focusing on one of the director’s films being shown. ” It must be able to convey the ideas clearly.

In addition, it must be (on a minimum) A3 size. although, the design should probably easily formatted to fit any size. There will also be a 1000 word production essay, which all must be submitted by: 14 January 2017

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