2016 Collection

Refining my box

After creating my design, it fell quite flat. the background was flat and so was the corn and so was the wheat. it all felt a bit lifeless. So, I decided to experiment with textures and decided on a mottled effect which made the background seemed vintage- an aestheti that suggested that tthe product has been trusted for a long time and should be bought.


I also added some leaf like pattern on the corn – the type you usually see on corn leaves, long and somewhat wavy.


It looked better. but something was still missing. although, I wanted it to be simple; I also wanted to make it seem luxurious without making it luxurious for the sake of luxury which got me thinking- what feature looks nice and feels functional at the same time? Windows. Windows on any packaging lets you see on the inside and makes the packaging feel a litttle luxurious.

My first plan was to give a small window on the side, just underneath the flavor tab, but, it didn’t have the smooth transition and it was too close to the bottom of the box which can cause the window to be flimsy and break.

I was a bit lost on where to put it until I experimented with clipping masks and shapes I could make in illustrator when I got the idea to replace the brown wheat leaves into windows. it created a smooth transition and worked with it as a whole.

cereal pack

2016 Collection

Packaging Shape

Thinking about teh packaging, the first thing I thought of was that it was that teh base shape was extremely important. I wanted to do something like a honeycombe shape. it can fit together nicely. giving it a sense of harmony. It is simple yet effective.


With that, I started mocking up the net using 2D design. the grid on the software made it easy to create the net.

net pentagon


but the more I thought about the box shape the more I realize that its not the best. the shape itself can be tessellated as  I had thought but as a net it was not feasible. a lot if waste material would be created during production and the odd shape meant you cant flat pack them efficiently or store them if you wanted to.

2016 Collection · Elements of Design

Elements List


Below, you will see a list of elements used in design and anything in bold and italics will be my chosen ones for design. (Souce: https://www.johnlovett.com/test.htm)

  • Line
  • Colour
  • Texture
  • Shape
  • Space
  • Value
  • Harmony/Unity
  • Balance
  • Hierarchy
  • Direction
  • Density
  • Gravity
  • Contrast

Afterwards, I started brainstorming for ideas and looking through different real-life locations for some inspirations such as my home, the university center and a local park.

2016 Collection · Design Techniques

Designing was slow

Further on, I really liked the silhouette I made and the branches Idea and decided to stick to it. However, i decided against the red background as it didn’t suit the colours I chose for it which was black and blue. The black and blue are prominent in my design. I used it as a house style as well as the idea of silhouettes.