2017 Collection


I got quite stuck on the design of this. There were  a lot of effective designs out there already in the market and the problem was that it was already a taken design and even if it weren’t taken; i feel lie it wouldn’t convey the product as it is.

Then that’s where it hit me- just like the base shape, I should just simplify the design too- something eye catching enough to attract my target market but simple enough for it to be useful to the manufacturers and will still convey the product as it is – straight forward, money saving food.

So I decided on the classic imagery of corn and wheat on my cover.

I experimented on several designs from having what and corn clashing into a bowl to having corn and wheat lying side by side with milk splashing into it. But at the end I decided to have a yellow background with corn on the side and wheat draped across it.

I also ensured that the cover as versatile by creating a tab which stated what flavor the cereal was. the tab can be easily changed as it is not near any other element which means that it can be changed without damaging the rest of the design.


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