2017 Collection


So I decided to re-design the cereal from lidl.


yes, this one. by the company crownfield. The product was super cheap at arond 88p per box which is just about 17p per 100g. From that info, we can safely assume that, during production we must minimise waste and keep things simple to ensure that they can keep selling the product at a lower price without economic loss.

The existing design was ok- a bit all over the place and it didnt really give any suggestion of how the cereal was going to taste like apart from the blatant imagery at the front. So I began sketching out ideas to work with; from keeping the alarm clock or the bowl with milk but none of them didnt really work out.

I even tried to create a memorable mascot for them- a girl that was eating the cereal making it look delicious but it didnt work out with the xisting colour scheme which I lifted from te existing design as it worked well which were: blue, yellow and green.



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