2017 Collection

further research

After the trip to the store to get primary research for cereals I wanted to redesign; I then started research on what form I wanted to make my box. i didnt want to be confined by ‘traditional’ cereal shapes, so I looked at a myriad of objects and their containers; in the hopes that it will ‘innovate’ the cereal box.

After gathering shapes and containers; I then strated sketching out possible ideas. Here some of them in rough:

Here you can see on the last photo on the right on the second row; I’ve started to think about the mechanisms of the cereal openings as well as what my target market would like. MY primary target is kids as it is primarily a child cereal, however, parents would be paying for it so they also must be lured into the product.

Furthermore, As I continued to sketch (a clearer sketch for development will be posted soon) I have established my personal specifications for the product. They must be:

  • colourful and eye-catching
  • original
  • has some kind of novelty selling point
  • fun

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