2017 Collection

Web Design Investigations

Right, to start this whole shebang; I had to first scour the internet what I thought were nice websites and what were awful ones and here the websites I looked through:

-Disclaimer: Any emotional/aestehtic scarring from clicking the bad links is not my responsibility.-


Acceptable websites:






Bad websites:



http://www.007museum.com/ (warning: Sound will deafen you, if volume is on loud)

http://www.arngren.net/ (In foreign language; but can be translated.)

With that research, along with on-site lectures;  I have concluded that a successful website must be accessible (and perhaps responsive?) for most people while avoiding looking cramped. I also think that the whole site should have  an on-going motif to ensure that each page all looks like it all belongs together. The navigation should be easy to use and intuitive.

So, for now that will be my specifications:

-Easy to read
(type for screens. Some types do not look the same in print than online)

-Navigation is easy to understand.

-Have all pages have a theme.

-Information is not cramped together


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