2016 Collection

Research Pt. Two

After reading and looking at the various magazines, I started taking note of any patterns or trends.

Above, you can a small handful of the magazines I checked out as well as the common colors they’ve used. A balance of light and dark colors. So far, I quite like Red and blue. Although, red seems too obnoxious.

I’ve also started to consider the size I want my magazine. The ‘ELLE’ magazine I have and various others were A5, but, the most conventional and common was A4. And other more independent magazines were a more custom size and some were even in landscape which felt a bit odd I am leaning more towards the A5 side as that’s easy to carry and, practicality-wise, it is better fro the client as it is easy to carry. A tad conflicted with A$ though as a$ will give me more space to put details and articles in.


More thinking will be needed, I guess.


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