2016 Collection

Research Part Three

Ok, so after all that sizing and color contemplation stuff, I realized that I also needed to decide on the type of paper I needed to use. and of course, that’s not simple either. There’s the choice of thickness, and finish. and the magazines I researched all came in different styles. In all styles, actually, which is the problem as it makes choosing so much harder. bloody hell.


So after a bit of snooping, I found that these are my paper options:


  • Uncoated
  • Matte
  • Gloss
  • UV gloss


  • 90gsm – usual mid-market magazine
  • 130-250gsm- good quality poster
  • 180-250 – usual mid-market magazine cover
  • 300-350 – good business card thickness

(source: officeexpress)

Of course, in the industry, the thicker the paper, the more expensive it is. but you do get discount for bulk. I don’t like the idea of 90gsm as it feels flimsy but 180gsm seems to be overdoing it. Referencing independent magazines, as they usually use thicker paper which feels nice and luxurious; the best thickness to use is 140gsm on the inside and 300gsm as the cover.

Furthermore, I’ve also decided to use matte paper with no additional finish as this is more eco-friendly making the client environment savvy and that non-glossy paper feels more authentic as it has a ‘book-like’ texture. Also, gloss-finishes are more expensive and matte finishes does the job within its required lifespan and more, if treated well.


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