2016 Collection

Research for my Type

Misleading title,  I know. This isn’t about bros but fonts!

So every good print has appropriate font, problem is, there are tons of them! Literally Millions.


Fear not! Using my research earlier on, I decided to follow the large, clear font trend among the mass produced ones. Although I adore scripted font, I feel like they are I less legible than non-script. More legibility, the wider the audience you’ll reach and that’s why I’ve focused on that section of typography.

Fonts I quite liked:


There were a lot titling fonts I liked and the photo above are the top ones as they were interesting, however the fonts which has the red dots are the ones I deem appropriate for the concept I am building. they are also quite similar. They’re bold and easy to read. Although, I am a bit more biased towards the satisfying equality of the second dotted font.



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