2016 Collection

More Research (Miscellaneous Notes)

Just some info I forgot to mention:

Matte paper reduces glare, allowing for more legibility- can make magazine more ‘accessible’ for more people. also creates sophisticated feel.
Uncoated can be ‘environmentally friendly’ which can be a selling pint, but is more vulnerable to grease and such.
Glossy creates luxury but glare can be difficult to read, limiting audience and some peopel do not enjoy the feel of it. But! it creates more vibrant photos.

Most thick- feeling indie magazines are around 140gsm to 170gsm on the inside. Thicker feel cretaes ‘quality.’

A lot of these independent magazines are environmentally concerened and tehrefore uses uncoated paper or matte. Feels more ‘authentic’ and has a ‘book-sh’ feel to it therefore sophistacation and a little atraditional. Uses 140 gsm for the insides and thicker on the covers. Simplistic covers and not filled with adverts.

A lot of these non-independent magazines are made, essencially, for consumers who are looking to buy an da re looking for a little luxury therefore high gloss are used and tehre’s a lot of focus with advertisements and how to’s and celebrities especially on the front cover


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