2016 Collection · Design Material

The Mission Objective

Mr. Sapir has released the brief for the assignments which states that we must “produce Four final outcomes for one of the options above. These may be part of a window display, a point of sale, or part of the shop visual merchandising. The outcomes may be in the shape of prints, objects, paper folding, textile, laser cut, 3D prints or packaging.” and that we must also “produce 2 designs using 3D software (Cinema 4D). One should be a visualisation of your design (or part of it) which can give the client an indication of your ideas. the other should be a model for 3D printing.”

I must also create a production report and production will be worth 70% while written communications is 30%

This assignment will be due on: 17 January 2017

Furthermore, Mr.Sapir has expressed that we must use an existing brand and we must design objects that are meant to ‘help’ the shop, instead of sellable products. For, example: plastic bags, point of sales, giftcards etc. The shop style may be changed, but, ultimately it is not the main focus of this task..
The shop I have decided on is ‘Monsoon’ after deliberating between that and its sister organization: Accesorize.



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