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Guillermo Del Toro

So, Who is Del Toro?

Guillermo Del Toro Gómez  is a Mexican film director who has created a variety of movies which are well-known in popular fiction and general cinematography due to its popularity, awards and plot. In addition to being a film director, he is also a screen writer, producer, and novelist. Born on October 9 1964; he featured his first film around 1993 and is still currently in the business.

Del Toro’s movies are mostly known for interweaving fairy tales into his work as well as horror, creating a whimsical juxtiposition in his movies

His Movies:

As mentioned before, Del Toro has created a variety of movies. His most notable works are: El Laberinto Del Fauno, Hellboy, Blade, and Crimson Peak.  These movies uses  mix of horror as well as myths and legends to create a thrilling story and contrasting aesthetics.

Pan’s Labyrinth is especially effective at creating detailed scenes, which enable sthe audience to understand the movie without understanding the language which is vital as Del Toro is known to create original movies in Spanish.

He uses a dark colour  palette and has a very character-centric storyline; which means that his characters feel very real. Even the monsters such as’ The Pale Man’,’ Hell Boy’, The Red Woman in Crimson Peak and even ‘Abe Sapien’. One of the reasons they seem so real is because of the use of traditional make-up techniques which creates a more authentic look.

His works has won Del Toro a variety of awards such as a GOYA Award For Best Screen Play and a BAFTA Award For Best Foreign Language Film. He currently has 49 wins and has been nominated 50 times.


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