2016 Collection

Refining my box

After creating my design, it fell quite flat. the background was flat and so was the corn and so was the wheat. it all felt a bit lifeless. So, I decided to experiment with textures and decided on a mottled effect which made the background seemed vintage- an aestheti that suggested that tthe product has been trusted for a long time and should be bought.


I also added some leaf like pattern on the corn – the type you usually see on corn leaves, long and somewhat wavy.


It looked better. but something was still missing. although, I wanted it to be simple; I also wanted to make it seem luxurious without making it luxurious for the sake of luxury which got me thinking- what feature looks nice and feels functional at the same time? Windows. Windows on any packaging lets you see on the inside and makes the packaging feel a litttle luxurious.

My first plan was to give a small window on the side, just underneath the flavor tab, but, it didn’t have the smooth transition and it was too close to the bottom of the box which can cause the window to be flimsy and break.

I was a bit lost on where to put it until I experimented with clipping masks and shapes I could make in illustrator when I got the idea to replace the brown wheat leaves into windows. it created a smooth transition and worked with it as a whole.

cereal pack

2017 Collection


I got quite stuck on the design of this. There were  a lot of effective designs out there already in the market and the problem was that it was already a taken design and even if it weren’t taken; i feel lie it wouldn’t convey the product as it is.

Then that’s where it hit me- just like the base shape, I should just simplify the design too- something eye catching enough to attract my target market but simple enough for it to be useful to the manufacturers and will still convey the product as it is – straight forward, money saving food.

So I decided on the classic imagery of corn and wheat on my cover.

I experimented on several designs from having what and corn clashing into a bowl to having corn and wheat lying side by side with milk splashing into it. But at the end I decided to have a yellow background with corn on the side and wheat draped across it.

I also ensured that the cover as versatile by creating a tab which stated what flavor the cereal was. the tab can be easily changed as it is not near any other element which means that it can be changed without damaging the rest of the design.

2017 Collection


So I decided to re-design the cereal from lidl.


yes, this one. by the company crownfield. The product was super cheap at arond 88p per box which is just about 17p per 100g. From that info, we can safely assume that, during production we must minimise waste and keep things simple to ensure that they can keep selling the product at a lower price without economic loss.

The existing design was ok- a bit all over the place and it didnt really give any suggestion of how the cereal was going to taste like apart from the blatant imagery at the front. So I began sketching out ideas to work with; from keeping the alarm clock or the bowl with milk but none of them didnt really work out.

I even tried to create a memorable mascot for them- a girl that was eating the cereal making it look delicious but it didnt work out with the xisting colour scheme which I lifted from te existing design as it worked well which were: blue, yellow and green.


2017 Collection


after rejecting my initial net, I once again sifted through my research and decided to stick as close as possible to the original cereal box. But I decided to make it slightly skinnier. This shape was slimmer which means  a lot more products can transferred all in one go and it simple shape means less waste material during production and can be easily tessellated.

square net

2016 Collection

Packaging Shape

Thinking about teh packaging, the first thing I thought of was that it was that teh base shape was extremely important. I wanted to do something like a honeycombe shape. it can fit together nicely. giving it a sense of harmony. It is simple yet effective.


With that, I started mocking up the net using 2D design. the grid on the software made it easy to create the net.

net pentagon


but the more I thought about the box shape the more I realize that its not the best. the shape itself can be tessellated as  I had thought but as a net it was not feasible. a lot if waste material would be created during production and the odd shape meant you cant flat pack them efficiently or store them if you wanted to.

2017 Collection

further research

After the trip to the store to get primary research for cereals I wanted to redesign; I then started research on what form I wanted to make my box. i didnt want to be confined by ‘traditional’ cereal shapes, so I looked at a myriad of objects and their containers; in the hopes that it will ‘innovate’ the cereal box.

After gathering shapes and containers; I then strated sketching out possible ideas. Here some of them in rough:

Here you can see on the last photo on the right on the second row; I’ve started to think about the mechanisms of the cereal openings as well as what my target market would like. MY primary target is kids as it is primarily a child cereal, however, parents would be paying for it so they also must be lured into the product.

Furthermore, As I continued to sketch (a clearer sketch for development will be posted soon) I have established my personal specifications for the product. They must be:

  • colourful and eye-catching
  • original
  • has some kind of novelty selling point
  • fun